Where is the best place to sell gold in London?

Being rich has a nice ring to it does it not? It would be safe to say that buying gold can make you rich, but that is just part of the process. Not only do you need to go to the right vendors to buy but you also need to know the best places to sell gold. Getting a good price can be tricky nowadays. Gold stores at every corner have made selling gold an overwhelming process. Not to forget the scams that come with it. So, before you decide to step out of your house to sell gold and make instant cash make sure you know where you are going.

Now questions such as ‘What is the best place to sell gold in London?’ may arise in your head. But before we get to that one thing that there is one thing that you need to make sure of, and that is research. Jumping into this pool of sharks can be quite a challenge.

To get a better know-how about this, you first need to weigh your gold yourself. Local stores have used and still do use a method to trick their customers and that is the ‘Stone Trick’. Next you need to know what carat gold you are selling. Many out there trick you into believing that the jewellery or scrap of gold that you bring in is not worth as much as you thought. Everybody out there offers you the ‘best price’, and if you do not have your research right you may end up selling your gold for way less than what it is actually worth.

So, the very first thing you need to start with is by looking up the price per gram of gold in London. Bet you that ‘instant cash’ does not sound all that instant now. But, for your own safety and satisfaction this is vital. Google or any other renowned search engine is a good place to start. Looking up prices and stores near you that can buy off that gold. To start things off a very basic search would be: ‘Sell gold near me’.

If you are based in London or somewhere near that then the website ‘Cash for Gold’ should pop up. The professionalism displayed by the website makes you put your trust in us. And that is what we all here at Cash for Gold are all about. Apart from the whole team displayed on the home page there are people working for us in the background. People who are of utmost importance. People who help you sell your gold at the world leading market rates. We buy your scrap gold or any other jewellery at prices that make you want to come back. Your gold goes through a thorough inspection process and within 24 hours you are contacted with a deal that you are unlikely to get anywhere else. But if 24 hours seems like a long time then visiting us at the store would be the perfect course of action for you. Talk about instant cash huh!

However, we do not recommend that you take our word for it. We want our customers to come to that conclusion themselves.

Online reviews; one great thing about an online presence is that people leave reviews where other people have access to them. You need to look at what other people say about the stores and how they rate their customer service. Weight out the pros and cons and finally come to a decision. Outsider audits are an excellent way to reach an honest analysis about a company. Many organizations have these reviews posted on their own websites, however you can’t ensure fair-mindedness.

Without putting forth a bias, at ‘Cash for Gold’ every process is dealt with with extreme delicacy and everything is made transparent for the convenience and the peace of mind of the customer. Trained professionals handle your piece of scrap gold for inspection and you leave our store with cash for gold completely satisfied.

So, are you looking to sell your gold today?

Call us to sell your piece for a top cash price, visit us at 28 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 5LG or order your Free Postal Kit now!

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