Is my Scrap Gold worth anything?

Before anything let’s get into the definition of scrap gold. Scrap gold refers to the gold that has lost its original marketed value. It can range from anything like broken jewellery to industrial by-products. So if you own anything that can fall under this category then you are at the right place. Assuming, of course, that you are thinking of selling that scrap gold.

Gold; a natural resource that can run out anything holds value be it scrap or not. So, asking yourself if it’s worth anything is not the right question. Contrary to popular belief, It is not only worth something but also it’s worth keeps on increasing with every passing day. In any form, gold can be recycled and reused. Even scrap gold is melted and is used to make new products and new jewellery.

To sell your gold there is something you need to make sure of by yourself. How much carat is the gold that you own and want to sell. Now gold carat can vary from 9ct, 14ct, 18ct up to 24ct. This number indicates how fine the piece of gold that you own is. 9ct being the least fine has quite some impurities, whereas 24ct is almost free of any impurities and goes for the highest price in the market. You need to know this about your scrap gold to avoid any scams from the local dealers. Just because it is scrap it does not necessarily have to go at a less price.

Now to sell gold in London or more precisely if you are wondering how can you sell scrap gold near you, then you need to bring it in at ‘Cash for Gold’. Here we buy all kinds of scrap gold, be it broken jewellery or just some pieces of gold. Unlike your local gold dealer, we have trained professionals that check for the authenticity and offer you the best market price. At Cash for Gold if your gold holds value for you then it holds value for us. Customer service and satisfaction are our forte.

The higher the carat and the more the weight of the gold you bring to us the better the price. So, if you are looking to sell your gold today then look no further. At our store the whole process is handled with utmost focus and delicacy and the customer is taken through all of it step by step for their convenience. Without any hesitation, drop by our store in London or make a call to get a fair idea about your piece of scrap gold!

Call us at 0203 161 1777 to sell your piece for a top cash price, visit us at 37 Blandford St, W1U 7HB or order your Free Postal Kit now!

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