Terms & Conditions

By selling your merchandise to Cash For Gold you are agreeing with all terms and conditions stated.

In conducting business (the sale or trade of merchandise) with Cash For Gold you hereby declare the following:

  • You are legally eligible to enter into binding contracts and are over the age 18
  • You are legally entitled to trade the merchandise whether it be the customer’s own item(s) or on behalf of another - with permission.
  • That the merchandise submitted by the customer was not acquired through any illegal means
  • That the merchandise submitted by the customer is not in violation of any money laundering laws governed by England and Wales or any laws in general.
  • That the merchandise submitted by the customer is void of any adverse third-party claims and/or liability
  • You are acting on your own accord free of coercion of any nature.


In posting your item(s) to cashforgold you acknowledge and accept the following:

  • We (Cash For Gold) utilise a special Royal mail tracked and insured postage service
  • Merchandise is submitted at the customer’s own risk and we are not responsible for the safety and security of said merchandise during its transit.
  • In the unlikely event that a parcel is lost during transit, Cash For Gold reserve the right to return any packages that have seemingly been tampered with before reaching us Cash For Gold with no liability incurred
  • Should the customer suggest additional requirements for postage, customer will be liable for any extra fee as a result of this, regardless of whether an agreement is reached or not.


In submitting your item(s) to Cash For Gold you acknowledge and accept the following:

  • Merchandise that consists of anything other than the precious metal the customer intends to trade such as gemstones and/or diamonds etc. should be removed prior to postage; we are not liable for damages to anything other than said precious metal(s).
  • If an agreement is not reached or the price is rejected by the customer, the merchandise will be returned within 5 working days. Please note the merchandise may not be in the same condition depending on whether or not the extraction of additional parts was required for valuation. Cashforgold remind you that we are not liable for any damages in relation to this.
  • In the case of gold that is not hallmarked, we divulge that further testing would be required to ascertain the purity of the gold; this involves slightly scratching the gold and applying acid.
  • In the event that any item(s) sent are not precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) or gold plated, the item(s) will be returned and the customer will incur a small fee due to time spent and labour costs.
  • Payment is made within 3 working days of receiving the merchandise although we prioritise payment within a 24-hour period.
  • Upon quoting the price of merchandise to the customer, this valuation is valid until 5pm the following day due to daily price fluctuations.