Is Gold a Good Investment?

As we delve into this realm of cryptocurrency and the metaverse, we have all been swayed to invest in new opportunities that come with it. All that you hear nowadays is talk of bitcoin and NFTs and how to make great returns with it. However, no one discusses the crashes of the market and the risks that it involves. Just like the trends of a stock market these ‘new opportunities’ are unreliable and prone to crashes as well. So, the question that comes to mind is, what is the best investment?

Real Estate would have been a good answer to that but lately even that has been producing increasingly poor returns. Now as more and more of us (the common man) develop an understanding of how these stocks actually work we can begin to see one of such trends that has remained consistent and which has constantly appreciated recently Gold.

A Safe Haven in Times of Uncertainty

Over the years, in times of inflation and even at the time of the 2008/09 financial crisis that shook the world, Gold was one such asset whose value did not just maintain its worth but better yet, increased. Even as economies began to recover the value of gold kept increasing rapidly and impressively remained strong. Hence, buying gold is what investors potentially started putting their trust in.

Gold is a scarce resource whose supply can not be controlled. It’s worth over the years has proven to act as an insurance policy during unfortunate economic events. In contrast to the tenders deemed suitable for us by the governments, the value of gold was not and still is not impacted by interest rate decisions.

Value retention; unlike the fiat currency, selling gold in today’s world can get you some serious cash in exchange. In retrospect, let’s rewind and understand how over time a single £50 has lost its value. Back in the 2000’s you could roam around the whole of London under £50 whereas, nowadays that’s how much your uber costs just for you to get from your home to the place you work. In contrast, imagine how much the piece of gold you owned in the 2000’s would be worth today.

A Long-Term Strategy for Growth

Additionally, the practice to buy or sell gold, gives you a chance to diversify your investment portfolio. What this means is that investing in something that’s potentially untouchable gives investors a chance to minimize their risks and control their losses.

However, one should keep in mind that investing in gold is unlike any other investments that they have made. Rather than annual yields that other opportunities may bring you, gold typically relies on a lot of time to reach it’s true potential. Hence it is safe to say that it may be a long-term investment. But as history suggests gold is one of those safest and least risky investments that surely give you returns.

If you don’t believe us, then try putting your trust in Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad). In one of his interviews he signified the value that gold holds. Buying ‘God’s Money’ as he calls it is one smart move or a step in the right direction for the future.

A contemporary way to get your feet into this market is Gold EFTs. With physical gold, comes problems such as insurance, fees and storage. Whereas these EFTs have earned their reputation as an alternate credible source that too without having a need to store it.

Exchange-traded funds or closed-end funds offer openness to the gold market as they are used to own gold as an investment. Moreover, ETFs can be viewed as a more fluid and less-expensive venture contrasted with claiming actual gold.

Now that we’ve talked about buying gold, let’s get into the part that interests us all. Payments and returns when you sell gold.

Selling Your Gold for Cash

Cash for Gold; as the name suggests are your trusted buyers of gold that provide you with instant cash. When it comes to selling gold, reservations such as ‘what is the best price that you can get for this’ kick in, and that is exactly what our policy is all about. Selling gold can be tricky, however the store ‘Cash for Gold’ provides the fastest and the most secure way to make this transaction as easy and as conveniently for you as possible. Operating in the heart of london you can make this transaction possible from anywhere in the UK. Selling gold in London has never been easier.

By guaranteeing the best price we not only minimize the risk but completely eradicate it from the equation. So, to sell your gold in London visit us at our store at 37 Blandford Street, London, W1U 7HB or order your Gold Kit online now.

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