What we buy

Here at Cash for Gold we primarily buy gold which includes gold bars, coins, jewellery and scrap gold. We are not limited to this however, as we also purchase platinum, silver, diamonds and pearls.


Do you ever think 'how much is my gold worth?' Or 'where can I sell gold London' As for the former question the answer is as follows. This depends on many different factors, however the main ones are as followed:

  • Purity - Gold can range from 8ct all the way to 24ct, the latter being the purest and the former being least pure. The higher the purity of gold (ct), the higher the value of your gold.
  • Weight - It goes without saying, the more your gold weighs, the higher its value.
  • Market - The current market influences the value a great deal; gold prices fluctuate every day, therefore prices are different every day.

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Cash for Gold is the best place to sell gold in London. As one of London's most trusted gold buyers, we guarantee highest prices for your gold.

There are many places where you can sell gold however, the place in which you decide to sell gold to must be experienced and skilled enough accurately value your gold. This requires an appraiser who can inspect and conduct necessary tests on your gold to find out its purity and weight. As well as this you must know the current market price for gold which fluctuates from day to day.

At Cash for Gold we provide just this, having been in the industry for over 15 years, we have the necessary expertise and experience to do so.

Are you thinking "where can I sell my gold?" or "how do I sell gold London?" If so you are in the right place. Sell gold in today for instant cash.

Where is the best place to sell gold?


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