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Unwanted gold jewellery taking up space? You've come to the right place If you are looking for where to get the best price for my scrap gold? We understand navigating the gold market can be tricky, especially with scrap gold. At Cash for Gold, we offer a tailored and reliable service to make selling scrap gold easy.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team utilises industry standards and market knowledge to accurately assess your scrap gold and jewellery regardless of age, condition, or origin. We provide transparent and competitive offers based on your scrap gold's details and the current market price. Our valuations are non-obligatory so any valuation we provide is free and there is no pressure to proceed.

Customer service is a priority. We offer a secure and safe environment for selling your scrap gold. Our staff are happy to help you with any queries or questions to make sure your experience is great. Choose Cash for Gold and sell your scrap gold jewellery with confidence! Get a free online quote today or visit our London location.

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Where can I sell my scrap gold for the best price in London?

Do you have unwanted scrap gold like broken jewellery, mismatched earrings or even dental gold? It can be a great way to earn some cash! But before you sell, you likely have questions: "How much is my scrap gold worth?" and "Where can I find a reputable scrap gold buyer near me?" If you're located in London than Cash for Gold best store for visit!

Our expert team accurately assess the gold content of your scrap, ensuring you receive a fair and competitive price. This expertise allows us to offer top dollar for your unwanted scrap gold in London.

Selling your scrap gold is quick and easy! Get a free valuation today by contacting us or filling out our online form for a convenient quote. Alternatively, visit our central London boutique to receive instant cash for your scrap gold.

How Do I Get The Best Price on Selling Scrap Gold?

Here at Cash for Gold, we're your one-stop shop for getting the best price on unwanted scrap gold in London.

Our expert team will assess your scrap gold's carat and weight on the spot, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free process. We prioritize competitive offers and clear explanations, so you know exactly what your forgotten treasures are worth.

Stop letting your scrap gold gather dust! Skip comparing quotes and potential risks of online sellers. With Cash for Gold, you get a secure, convenient, and top-dollar experience. Get a free valuation today and unlock the cash potential of your forgotten gold!

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The process can be quite quick, some buyers offer same-day cash transactions.

Yes, you’ll likely need valid ID for legal and security purposes.

Convenience often favors local shops! Get a fast in-person valuation and instant cash at a reputable London shop like Cash for Gold.

Online options offer wider reach! Compare quotes from various buyers, but prioritize secure transactions and London based reputable services.

First, gather all your scrap gold or broken pieces, like jewellry, dental crowns, or anything else containing gold. Research reputable buyers in your area, with Cash for Gold being a great option! Many buyers offer free valuations, either online or in person. Don’t forget to bring a valid ID when selling, as it’s a standard requirement. Finally, compare offers from different buyers, prioritizing those with clear valuation processes and secure transactions. Knowing the carat (kt) of your gold (usually marked on the item) can be helpful, as it influences the final price. 

Scrap gold include all type of unwanted or broken gold valuables. This includes anything from broken jewellery and mismatched earrings to old dental crowns. Even those chipped cufflinks or that unused gold watch can be transformed into cash. So, gather up your forgotten treasures and unlock their hidden value!

While a quick wipe with a soft cloth won’t hurt, we focus on the gold itself, not its shine. That means you can bring your scrap gold in “as is” condition. Our experts will assess the weight and purity right in front of you, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free process. 

Cash For Gold has over 25 years experience in the gold industry, we can identify the exact purity (carat) of your gold or platinum items other luxury items. Once we receive your items, they will be tested to confirm their exact purity, and then an offer made based on this, making sure you receive the most for your gold.
When we receive you items, we will use our specialist scales finely calibrated to 0.1 gram to check the weight of your items, so it’s not a problem if you don’t know the weight of your scrap or your scale is not accurate.

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