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Cash for Gold is the place to sell diamonds with complete confidence. Whether you sell a diamond in person or online at our store, it's easy and secure regardless of the carat or shape.

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How much money will I get if I sell a diamond?

There are 5 main factors to consider when ascertaining the value of diamonds:

  • Carat - This is how much the diamonds weigh, the higher the carat (ct) the higher its value.
  • Cut - This tells you how well a diamond is cut and polished which is measured from 'Poor' to 'Excellent' in accordance to GIA. An excellent cut will reflect light the best, creating the most brilliant sparkle whereas a poor cut would be dull.
  • Shape - This is what shape the diamond is cut in; some shapes are more desirable and popular than others such as the round shape therefore it is more valuable
  • Clarity - This is how clear the diamond is.
  • Colour - Diamonds come in different colour grades, the more desirable ones are more expensive such as colour grade 'D'

Are you looking to sell your diamonds for cash today? Contact us today on 020 3336 1023 or visit our central London shop.

What Is The Best Way To Sell A Diamond in London?

Are you looking to sell diamonds for cash? or in mind question raise Simply visit our boutique – We are based conveniently in Central London within walking distance from underground tube stations.

Schedule an appointment and visit us today with your diamonds as well as any documents that may come with it. Once you arrive our appraiser can carefully inspect your diamonds and ascertain its value there and then. If you find the quote to be agreeable, we can arrange payment and have the funds in your account before leaving our store.

Are you wondering "where can I sell diamonds near me?" or "how do I sell diamonds in London?" you've come to the right place. We buy diamonds for the highest cash prices.

Sell your diamonds today, contact us for enquiries or visit our Central London shop.

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Cash for Gold is a company you can entrust your diamonds to. We have years of experience in the diamond industry with experts capable accurately and competitively valuing your diamonds.

Are you looking to sell diamonds in London or near you? We offer the best prices for your diamonds so visit us at our Central London store today for cash for in exchange for your diamonds.