Sell Gold with complete confidence to Cash for Gold. Whether that be a gold coin, gold bar or scrap gold, selling either online or in person at our store is easy.

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When making the decision to sell gold one of the first things that may come to mind is “How much is my gold worth?” or “Where can I sell gold near me?” As for the latter; ‘where can I sell my gold?’ the answer is simply here with us.

Selecting the right place to sell gold is one of the most crucial parts of the process. You must ensure that the buyer has the required knowledge and expertise to accurately value gold. Here at Cash for Gold we offer exactly that, as well as a trustworthy, professional service.

This allows us to offer you the highest price for gold. Contact us today for a free valuation or visit our boutique in Central London to receive cash for gold.

Do you wish to sell gold for the best price? Call us or fill out our online valuation form for instant quotes.


Upon making your decision to sell gold, typically, your next thought would be ‘where do I sell gold?’ or ‘how do I get the best price for my gold?’ As for the latter, the answer is quite simple. Sell your gold to Cash for Gold and we will quote you the highest cash prices.

The price of gold is primarily based on the weight and the purity. Visit us today if you wish to 'sell gold near me' so our experts can test and value your gold in front of you.

You must be careful when trying to sell gold in London as there are some businesses that may deceive you in to selling gold at a lower price. Here at Cash for Gold this is not the case, we offer full transparency for our clients peace of mind.

Are you looking to sell gold in London today? Contact us or fill out our form for a free gold kit!

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When it comes to buying gold for the best prices, Cash for Gold are a company you should trust. Enlist our services and sell your gold today. We are able to value of your gold competitively.

Do you want to sell gold in UK or sell your gold for cash? At Cash for Gold we buy gold for the best prices. To sell scrap gold, gold coins or gold bars in London then stop by our shop today.