How to Sell Gold for the Highest Price

Finding the Right Buyer

Selling gold that you have invested in can be an excellent way to earn some instant cash. But keep in mind that getting the best deal is not always all that easy. Ranging from local stores to high end professionals there may be a lot of options to choose from and even then you may not end up getting the best price for your piece of gold. Good things come to those who wait, getting a deal that gets you excited isn’t always around the corner. Going to online websites or high end jewellers may take some time but it is very likely that you may get a better deal out of them.

Know Your Gold: Weight, Carats, and True Value

Something that can not be reiterated enough includes knowing the worth of your gold. To get a fair price you need to understand what it is that you are selling and how much approximately is it worth. First, weigh it out. Gold prices are generally decided on the weight of the gold that you are selling. With every ounce the price gets higher. Next, you need to be sure of the carats of the gold that you own. Ranging from 9ct to 24ct, 24ct being the purest can get you some good cash real fast.

Timing the Market: When to Sell for Maximum Profit

When it comes to selling gold, always consider if it is the best time to sell. As we have seen throughout history that gold prices tend to increase in times of bad economy, you need to hold on to your gold when the economy has fully recovered. Of course this is all predictive on your part. If you think the circumstances dictate that rough times are on their way then holding on to your piece might be a good idea.

When you step out to sell your gold, remember to avoid pawn shops. Although their process can be extremely efficient and will give you instant cash, their prices are almost always mediocre. Pawn shop dealers are not experts in dealing and they certainly do not know the real value of a piece of gold jewellery. These reasons combined will always get you a low offer and a sub-par price when compared to the real market value.

Do not think of your gold as a burden, rather an investment. Negotiation is key. Do not accept a price if you think you are being offered less of what the piece is actually worth. If we talk about London then there is some fierce competition among the vendors. This plays in your favour. With this kind of competition most shop owners are willing to negotiate so that you can sell your gold to them. Do not think that you are the only one who needs cash. The vendors are in need of your gold too. It is a two way street. So, do not be afraid to haggle and get them to pay you a price that you think is acceptable.

Recognizing the Jewellery's Worth

Gold buyers generally view your piece as gold that can be melted, recycled and reused and give you cash for that gold. However, what you are looking to seek is how much value does your piece of jewellery carry as a whole. How much value does the stones and gems that have been incorporated to make that elegant design carry and add to the whole ensemble. In such cases you really need to be smart about who to go to to sell that gold jewellery. For example, if you own an antique piece then going to a collector would be the right move since they are the only ones who can really put a price on your property.

Lastly, a good place to start would be to compare the reputations of the stores in London near you where you can sell your gold. Reading up on online reviews can efficiently reduce the time of this lengthy process and eliminate quite some options out there.

These are just some of the things that need to be considered before you set out to sell your gold at the best price.

Cash for Gold: Your Trusted Buyer in London

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